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Whether speaking at an event, fundraising, or tendering for new business — strong visuals assist in communicating your level of expertise, talent and professionalism. Here's a look at some of the presentations I've created over the last few years. If you like what you see, drop me a line
PLEASE NOTE: Some projects containing intellectual property are not featured on the site, yet comprise a good portion of my work. Please reach out for more information and to potentially view some of these projects privately.
Featured above are 21 select slides from a 36-slide presentation for freelance client, TigerConnect's company overview.
This presentation was created using Keynote with support from Adobe Photoshop.
© TigerConnect 2020 | Adobe Stock
Featured above is a 9 page electronic press kit for freelance client, DJ Mo Beatz.
This EPK was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
© DJ Mo Beatz 2019
Featured above are 13 select slides from a 26-slide presentation. This presentation was created in-house during my time at Dash Radio, using Keynote and Adobe Photoshop. 
© Dash Radio 2018