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Here's what past clients had to say about their experience working with me. 
If you would like to open up a conversation about how I may be able to help your brand / business, feel free to drop me a line!

Actor / Martial Artist

Power Rangers Turbo

Despite being the former Blue Ranger on the children’s international hit action show Power Rangers Turbo, Aaron is largely the reason that 20 years later I have over 130,000 followers on my social media, am verified on each platform, and why I've been able to effectively engage with my audience so well. I'm always impressed with his knowledge of social media and ability to come up with different marketing strategies. Allowing him creative control of my brand was easily the single best career decision I've made in the last 10 years.



Film Producer / Relationship Expert /  Writer The Huffington Post

I looked forever to find the right designer, and by way of referral I found Aaron. He is a vetted and experienced designer, wildly talented, not to mention extremely FAST — something that was very important to me. With very little communication he was able to intuit my wishes beyond my imagination! Aaron provides personalized service with such attention to detail that you just know your brands and marketing are going to soar!!!


Simply put, Aaron Coney is the best digital designer in the game. I've seen him and his creative abilities help a lot of people make a lot of money! I love with what we've been able to create for my brand, but I am IN LOVE with what's to come.

Artist / Grammy-winning Producer

Diamond Lane Music Group


Creative Director

FOX Sports - Programming & Research

Aaron worked with us at Fox Sports for a year as a freelance graphic designer. His responsibilities included a great deal of Photoshop work, photo retouching, manipulating images, as well as creating executive-level PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. He excelled at this and delivered clean, well executed work. He proved to work well under pressure and was reliable and efficient in his role supporting our department. We truly appreciated his work ethic and valued him as a part of our team.



Actor / Model

Power Rangers Time Force / Resident Evil

As the former Red Ranger on Fox Television’s Emmy-nominated children’s action show, Power Rangers Time Force, I travel to many comic conventions for appearances with former co-stars. I've contracted Aaron to create several print designs that I found to be my best sellers in countless countries and cities across the world. Over the 7 years I’ve developed a personal relationship with Aaron and have come to admire his ambition, hard work, and high-level of creativity.


Senior Instructional Designer

The School of the New York Times

Aaron has accomplished a special eye for design that really became evident during our time together on the graphic design team. With natural talents of traditional art media, high technical knowledge of design software, excellent communication skills, and dynamic initiative that brought his concepts from sketches to finished works, I can honestly say that Aaron was one of the most amazing designers I've had the opportunity of working with. Any organization will benefit from having such an experienced, enjoyable, multi-faceted artist, designer and businessman as part of their team!


Software Architect

Kazoo HR

I have had the privilege of working alongside Aaron on numerous freelance projects since January of 2010, and I can say with confidence that his design skills are assets in any creative context. While he posses a significant talent in art and design, it's Aaron's ability to understand the needs of the client that allows him to deliver works surpassing expectations. He has also demonstrated a continued ability to expand his skill set, adapting to the growing mediums that require a creative approach. Aaron has always proven himself reliable when collaborating on projects, which has allowed me to recommend his services to others without hesitation.


Aaron is extremely talented, gifted, and wildly creative. He looks at a project from a unique perspective and listens intently to exactly what you're looking for. I highly recommend Aaron.



Actress / Writer / Producer

Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo

As the former Yellow Ranger on the children’s international hit action series Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo, I've developed a person fan-turned-friend relationship with Aaron. After seeing designs he previously created for one my fellow co-stars, I decided to commission him to create and design printable graphics for my schedule of event appearances. I presented Aaron with 3 concepts that I needed designed quickly. He made my projects a priority, exchanging emails back and forth until the designs were perfected. The experience was collaborative and stress-free. Not only did he make the deadline, the design turned out better than I anticipated. Most importantly the finished product was original and tasteful, just as I envisioned!

Custom Clothier / Entrepreneur

Joshua Gold

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